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Whats New? February 2023

So we are now in the second month of 2023, Where has that time gone?

Here at Freedom Mobility we have had a very busy winter period getting things prepped and organised ready for a very busy year!! We have worked tirelessly at tweaking and perfecting our services to ensure that every customer gets the premier treatment that they deserve. The team have all been trained and given the tools that they need to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

It is our aim to make our presence more known on social media and internet platforms. Our Administrator Cally has taken the helm of our social media posts to keep everyone updated with anything new and all information as to where the team are and how we have helped more people with their mobility needs. This is something completely new for her but we are very confident that she will really excel at this new challenge and be the key role in our mission to be more present on social and internet platforms.

Martin has been in contact with some fresh markets and will be covering more areas with his fantastic demonstrations of our high quality re-conditioned stock as well as our premium New products!! Since joining the team in the Spring last year Martin has taken it upon himself to learn about as many different ailments and conditions as he can so he can advise you with confidence about the products that we believe will help you best. He will always have a fantastic selection of Mobility Scooters with him, but he can also host a discussion with you about Profiling Furniture such as Rise and Recline Armchairs that he will be happy to book in a demonstration and book you in for one of our specialists to give you a FREE quote on your new Stairlift.

Joe's ex-Royal Marine organisation and determination have enabled him to completely submerge himself in the Freedom Mobility team and way of life. His rapport with the customers is second to none and he is so focussed on customer satisfaction. Our new booking system is Joe's Bible and he is fantastic at organising all of our workshop and customer bookings.

Dom and Scott have been very busy trying to put together what will be a game changer when it comes to the options you have when it comes to paying for your new machine. If they can pull it off, it will catapult Freedom as an entity to a whole new level and status of business. They are very excited to roll this out to you all so WATCH THIS SPACE!!

In other super exciting news.... Joe welcomed a new member to his family..... A gorgeous Tri-Coloured Collie!! Everyone meet Trigger...

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