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We are getting our lives back!!

With the latest announcement from the PM outlining the plans for our return to "normality", we can all finally start to see the light at the end of this horrifically dark tunnel. Thanks to the progress with the vaccinations and the speed that they are able to produce and administer these, there is a strong chance that we can make plans to enjoy this summer with our loved ones.

I believe that there will be some level of social distancing/ face mask wearing for some time to come, whether this be medically advised or just for people'e own peace of mind. However, the thought of being able to go for meals, have a coffee or even meet for a walk along the beach is very very exciting.

Being in the industry that we are, we have seen first hand how damaging the restrictions on family visits have really been seeing as the majority of our customers have had to heavily shield since February last year. We are an essential service and have been required to ensure that those that are most vulnerable have still been able to have their independence and move around their homes freely, this could be something as simple as tightening a wheel on a walker, adjusting a profiling chair, carrying out emergency break down work and even helping a young gentleman that was stuck halfway up his stairs on a stairlift that the company that sold it to him refused to offer any assistance.

Our customers have needed us, not only to assist them with their mobility aids, but also to know that they are not alone and that there are people out there able and willing to help and support them.

This summer we need to all remember how much we disliked being isolated, forget about materialistic things and just enjoy our time with our loved ones. Time is one of the only things thats cannot be replaced, there is no do-over in life and we have had the last 12 months stripped away from us. Take the time to speak to and visit your loved ones, take the time to appreciate this beautiful country/ world that we live in.

We are always going to be here to help and support you as best as we can no matter what your needs. We have a huge selection of new and pre-loved scooters, power chairs and wheel chairs, we offer a whole range of general mobility aids such as bath lifts, walkers, furniture grabbers etc, and we also offer a complete cleaning service so you can be proud of the home you live in and also live in peace knowing that everything is sanitary.

Keep safe, but keep FREE!!

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