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Ignore adversity and provocation Just focus on your own Success!!

Many of us face obstacles in life, this could be in our own personal lives or in business. The nature of your success is determined by your choices when these obstacles are presented to you.

This blog is the first of many on this website so we would like to start by discussing our own experiences with challenges and hurdles that we faced and continue to face whilst aiming to establish ourselves as one of the most respected names within the Mobility Industry.

With a combined experience of over 14 years within the industry, we have all experienced our fair share of issues that are all too common in many companies that are supposed to be there to support those in need.

We as a company never hide the fact that we are of course going to make a profit on what we sell and do, it would be a terrible business model if we didn't, however we make very minimal profit, this is to ensure that those that are in need of our items can purchase them at an affordable price. Having seen it for ourselves, and being told by our cherished customers new and old, the shear number of companies that are exploiting those in need is truly devastating!!

Freedom Mobility was built on the understanding that we know that all of our customers are coming to us because they need help!! As human beings we should always endeavour to help those less fortunate than ourselves and show empathy for their situation, not take advantage of their struggles.

Unfortunately our ethos has caused a rift within the mobility industry, a rift that is causing other companies to feel threatened and therefore try to find underhanded methods to discredit us. This is only fuel to our fire of success and proof that we are doing something right and have broken the pattern of greedy and self-indulgent individuals, these individuals only have an interest in making money rather than providing a safe place with knowledge and support to the disabled community.

In recent months we have been the target of many false allegations and claims. Not only is this potentially damaging to us as a business but it is also stopping us help hundreds and thousands of disabled people! We believe that as an industry, we should be able to communicate and assist each other to make sure that the customers are always put first.

As mentioned, our aim is to aid as many members of the disabled community as possible, we will continue to grow and learn more and the years go on to ensure that we can always give up to date help and advice for as many ailments as we can.

The fundamentals of our business are as follows:

1- Provide the widest selection of mobility items

2- Research competitors prices and endeavour to be more affordable

3- Continued development and training

4- Up-to-date advice

We will never back down to adversity and will continue to grow as a company and in turn be assisting more people.

Keep an eye on this website and blog section for information and reviews of all new products.

Impossible Is Just An Opinion!!

The Freedom Team

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