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Terms and Conditions

All of our products come fully tested and assessed and are released to the highest possible standard.
If a product is purchased as “New” it will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions which will be received with the product.
All “Pre-Loved” or “Reconditioned” items will be covered under the following terms and conditions:
The warranty period will be displayed on the invoice and will be determined by the product being purchased.
Warranty covers mechanical parts but will exclude perishable parts such as tyres, motor brushes, batteries (unless New).
If extended warranty is purchased, all terms and conditions will be in the pamphlet from the warranty provider.
We reserve the right to repair any items deemed as faulty, if this item cannot be repaired a replacement item of similar or better quality will be offered.
Any item purchased either over the phone or online comes with a 14-day cooling off period, any item that is purchased on site does not have this cooling off period, this includes any item that has been seen, described or tested on site and then purchased/paid for over the phone or online. If production of the product has already began or the item is classes as bespoke (specific choices been made or ordered at point of sale) the 14-day cooling off period is also not valid. Any item that qualifies for a refund/return must be returned to us in the same condition that is was received at the purchasers expense. Once the item has be returned we will issue the refund.
Scooter / Powered Wheelchair User Guidance:
You should charge your batteries as much as possible, we do not recommend letting the scooter run out of power before charging, we also do not recommend only charging for short periods of time. These things will only damage and reduce the life and quality of the batteries.
All products will come with a tested charger that is an “intelligent” charger and will cut the power once the batteries have reached their full capacity. We recommend leaving the charger connected and switched on whenever the scooter is not being used to ensure the health and durability of the batteries.
If recommendations or instructions are failed to be followed and we are required to come out to assess or repair faults due to user error, call-out charges may be incurred.

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